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British born and based designer and maker, Emma Aitchison, has creativity running through her soul. Emma is no happier than when she is busy making, tinkering and creating, using her practical thinking to produce unique and bespoke designs. 

Growing up in the countryside in South West England, Emma developed a firm attachment to nature, and she is now passionate about protecting the natural world. It was after many years working in the creative industry in London, during which time she built bespoke props and made accessories for some of the biggest names in fashion, that Emma decided to turn her passions for design and protecting the natural world, into a business.

In 2016 Emma Aitchison Jewellery was born – a conscious jewellery brand that produces designs inspired by the natural world, and which shares real messages about our world and the impact we have on it.




Emma’s passion for nature and life in all forms is the key source of inspiration for her designs. Using the weather as a starting point, Emma aims to unearth the beauty of varying weather forms to celebrate the fleeting moments weather can create, hoping to share the concept that weather is the only universal language.  

Emma’s collections have evolved over time, with climate change now being a main focus of her work. The changing weather patterns has lead Emma’s work to naturally progress to explore this subject matter and Emma collects and studies weather graphs and data to translate her messages into wearable pieces of jewellery. This jewellery then acts as a reminder of what is happening to our world around us, creating a conversation starter and raising awareness of the issues we are all facing in our future.

Whilst there is a depth of sadness within Emma’s work, there is also light and hope - Emma hopes by sharing messages about the changing planet, it will encourage others to become more conscious and more appreciative of the planet, ultimately creating change.

Each collection has a distinct theme and a powerful message. By using a different weather form as the inspiration behind each collection, it allows Emma to educate the wearer about various environmental issues.



the products

Each piece of jewellery in the Emma Aitchison collection is handmade in the uk, made by a combination of traditional, modern and adapted techniques to create individual and unique items. Emma has her own method and technique for making jewellery – by replicating a particular weather force in an abstract way, resulting in truly unique pieces.

The natural world is not only the main source of inspiration for Emma, but her passion for protecting the planet has led her to run an ethical and sustainable business. Emma’s aim is to respect the planet and its people from start to finish, with no element of the jewellery making process being jeopardised; quality and style still remain, along with a clear conscious. Find out more about Emma’s sustainable practice here.