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Founded in 2016, Emma Aitchison Jewellery has established itself as a sustainable jewellery brand by committing to sustainable production methods in the workplace where possible. Where sustainable methods aren’t currently used, the brand is trying hard to move towards sustainable and ethical practice. Emma makes every effort to run a business that has minimal impact on the environment - a microbusiness that has set out on the right foot. 

Emma’s passion for nature has led her to not only raise awareness of climate change but also of fast fashion - Emma believes it is paramount that the message is spread; no more fast fashion and ultimately no more waste. Emma hopes to inspire others to change their habits by encouraging individuals to go green, think before they buy and shop local.




Emma uses 100% recycled silver and gold where possible.

Please note some items are only 70% recycled, and these items are clearly identified.

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mma uses Fairtrade silver and gold and takes the Fairtrade Pledge each year, meaning she can use Fairtrade gold and silver. As the business grows, Emma aims to ensure she has the Fairtrade stamp.



Studio environment

  • Recycling system for paper, metal, plastic and glass
  • Energy efficient lamps
  • Cycle to and from work 
  • Recycled print paper
  • Reducing plastic where possible - reusable water bottle and coffee mug, no plastic bags
  • Made to order, no overproduction
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Organic and FSC certified

  • Boxes and tissue paper used for packaging is FSC certified or made using recycled materials
  • Business cards are recycled from organic cotton
  • Ribbon used for packaging is organic cotton
  • Package filling is natural wool
  • Envelopes are made from recycled materials
  • Tape used is made from recycled plastic



Emma is transparent in all her methods of working, and continues to strive to find new resources and adapt her working methods, to help her reach her end goal of creating jewellery through an entirely sustainable method.


chemical free

Emma uses non-toxic chemicals within the jewellery making process. If she can’t find natural alternatives to toxic chemicals, she doesn’t use them.


charity fundraising

Emma donates 1% of her business profits to 1% Of The Planet, a charity that addresses pressing issues facing the planet.



All materials are sourced locally within the UK. 
All jewellery is handmade in London.