Emma Aitchison Jewellery is a microbusiness that is learning fast, and making changes through thorough research to ensure the business is sourcing the most efficient materials and using the most sustainable production methods as possible. The brand’s goal is to be able to call itself a 100% sustainable business, to do that the brand is working hard to improve the following things:



1. Becoming carbon neutral

We offset our carbon footprint for 2018. We are now working hard to reduce these emissions into a tighter structure to reduce them even more. new for 2019 we now offer a system where the customer can offset the emissions of the jewellery they buy.


2. Using sustainable shipping methods

The brand is working towards using bicycle couriers within the local area, as well as collaborating with carbon neutral shipping companies.


3. Sourcing ethical gemstones

As of 2019 we have decided to only use antique or vintage stones already in circulation.


4. Creating an eco studio

In the near future, Emma hopes to be able to build an eco studio using recycled reclaimed materials, solar panels and wind to power the studio.


5. Moving away from using gold plating

Gold plating is done by an outsourced small business in London. They are environmentally friendly where possible and always working to guidelines for the handling and storing of chemicals. Due to the complicated chemical process, the gold is not 100% recycled or Fairtrade. Emma Aitchison Jewellery is working towards using solid gold or brass rather than gold plating.